Saturday, April 17, 2010

[继续乐与路] Today Was a Fairytale


对于乡村音乐歌手Taylor Swift也是如此。差一点就错过了一把好声音。

当电台持续播放《You Belong With Me》、《Fifteen》、《Love Story》这些歌曲时,我还在纳闷怎么这个唱乡村音乐的比美国偶像Carrie Underwood还要红。

后来我看群星云集的电影《Valentine’s Day》,但对Taylor Swift的演出印象不深刻,反而因为戏里的插曲《Today Was a Fairytale》吸引。关于电影觉得一般。太多段的戏要兼顾,Bradley Cooper那一场算是惊艳。

翻了一些Taylor Swift的歌,发现一首与Colbie Caillat合唱的《Breath》,都是我喜欢的歌手,呵。


  1. Taylor Swift is a bimbo in V-Day!! Hahahaha!!! I like it!

    I love her songs... I think many girls LOVEEEEEEEEEE the Love Story song...

    Simon Cowell said, his hope is to discover somebody like Taylor Swift in the next American Idol (current)...

  2. I dont like her look in V-day.. in fact even if they cut off the whole Taylor x2 scene doesn't affect the movie at all.

    Sure la, if Simon can get somebody like Taylor Swift in AI, then his agent company can sign them and his pocket will be damn full.

  3. My friend use this title as her wedding photo album title... so sweet ^^