Wednesday, August 31, 2005

NBA Slam Dunk actions

People around me knowsI like NBA, the highest level of basketball game in the world.Guess every basketball lover loves the actions.What drives us so crazy about that? Here you go -- slam dunk.

Yeah. Michael Jordan probably is the best dunker of last century, and he may be the best dunker ever in the earth. His creative run, and incredible hang time made his name in the top of the dunkers' list. Though he's well known on his turn-around-jumper,his leadership,his defense and his undeniable 6 championship rings, but every basketball fans wouldn't forget the 12 feet freethrow line dunk in 1988, which officiated his nickname "air".

I love this quote which describe Michael by Felton Spencer: “You don’t hesitate with Michael, or you’ll end up on some poster in a gift shop someplace.” Surely there's no NBA player who wants to hesitate with him. By the way, I'd like to share some nice photos of 2004-2005 season while the new season is going to start at October. Probably I'd change the quote above: "You dont mess with Kobe, Andre(Iguadala), Josh Smith, Manu, Amare as well as Vince."

While waiting for the new season being tip-off, I hope there'll be more actions, more dunks. Enjoy~~!

When Kobe re-unite with Phil "The Zen" Jackson, what kind of chemistry you expect?? another championship run? well that's possible.

Andre Iguadala, the young 76ers who well-known for his high-flying dunk for his rookie season in 2004-2005. The young athlete is looking to develop more on the court as he's a regular starter of the young team. You might probably see his action on the defensive end as he's a offensive stopper. Some said he has Scottie Pippen's potential, but how far would he go ? championship?

Wowww, Josh. The reign slam dunk champion. Where to see his action ? Focus near the rim. An unofficial statistic showed that about 1/3 of his scores comes from DUNK. What can we expect? More alley-oops, dunk, dunks, and dunksssss.

Manu, a member of the defending champion Spurs. An all-rounded player. Can spurs defend its title? Ask Tim Duncan, and Manu.

Amare Stoudamire whose known for his "monster dunk" and I'd watched a game where he scored 40 points with 10 dunks. Crazy is the word can describe the power-forward-sized center. The Nash-Stoudamire combination is probably the most entertaining duo in the league.

My favourite dunker other than MJ -- Vince Carter. You can called him any name --> "vinsanity", "the air canada" .. etc. His creative dunks had made his own brand. And after he transfered to New Jersey Nets he regain his top form with partnership with Jason Kidd. What I can say of his exciting actions ? A off-the-board-one-handed dunk, Alley-oops dishes by Jason Kidd, or a no-look-pass assit? Well his 360 degree mid-air-turn-around layup against LA lakers had won him the best play of season 2004-2005.

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